Thursday, 2 August 2018

Camp Day Three

It’s day 3 and the campers have gradually started getting the hang of waking up at 6am for drills. Their eager footsteps echoing through the hostel is an indication that waking up early,
exercising and bonding is a good way to start the day.
Its adventure time again. Champ. Rotimi Adeaga did a recap of yesterday's adventure and the campers shared what they learnt.
Today's adventure was more engaging; the campers were divided into smaller groups so that they can participate better. Two short clips were shown to the campers to make them understand why they should never give up on themselves and on their dreams.

General session came up next. We had Barr. Taiwo Akinlami as our Facilitator. He pushed out the problem-solving nature in the champions by asking them solutions to different real life issues like SHYNESS, OBSTACLES, and PRACTICAL CHALLENGES.
Major lessons learnt from the session are:
The Skill session was interesting, interactive and engaging as usual. Looking closely into the eyes of all our champions, the dedication gleaming in their eyes is priceless, they are really eager to acquire more knowledge.
We had a mouth-watering lunch!

On the journey of guided learning, Aunty Sade exposed the girls to Sex Education, Social media Pressures and how to manage Relationships. Champ. Rotimi Ogunyemi was with the boys and encouraged them to serve with the person that drives them. Our facilitators from both classes had soul lifting words of wisdom to dish out to the campers.
After Sports, we had team meetings as regards tonight’s entertainment. It was a good time to put teamwork to play as they all worked together in creating their dance steps for the night. 

With only 45 minutes to prepare for the dance competition, the campers not only wowed the Mentors and In House Facilitators but also the guest judge. Before she left, she made emphasis on HARD WORK and CONSISTENCY as tools for sustaining one's dream.
The day was a good one, we cannot wait for tomorrow

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Camp Day Two

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By 7:00am, the campers were already gathered at the hall waiting for breakfast. While waiting, the campers were divided into small groups for a brief motivational session.
After breakfast, Champ Rotimi Adeaga took the campers through a session of adventure using Falz's “This is Nigeria" video as a case study, pointing out the vices mentioned and how they think they can be dealt with. She further engagethe campers in a game; giving them a list and asking them to name the problems affecting the list given. Although it was fun, the campers ended the session with more knowledge acquired. 

Thereafter, we sang our anthem and read the champion’s creed to remind ourselves that we are indeed champions.

The general session was a very engaging one. Mr. Ade A. Adefemi, a life coach and motivational speaker facilitated this session. He equipped the campers for greatness by teaching them practical lessons on LEADERSHIP.


It was the first day of skills and the campers were excited as they found their way into their different classes. Skills for this year are: Small chops, Adire Making, Ankara Accessories, Photography, Dance, Events/Decoration and Shoe Making.

During the journey of guided learning, Mrs Mosunmola O. Dosumu made the girls realize why they have to be INNOVATIVE while the boys had a beautiful session with 

Mr. Temofe who charged them to be patient enough to listen and understand things. He told the campers that the major key to success is communication and with it comes listening and understanding.

It was also the first day of sports and the campers with burst of energy made their way to their different sporting activities which includes: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, Track/Field and Aerobics.
After this, each team had a space to themselves to get ready for the group presentation.

Variety Night crowned Day 2 and our ribs cracked as the campers from the different teams gave us unadulterated comedy. MC RAY was our guest for the night.

 He told the campers that there are comedy materials all around us and for those that will find them selves doing comedy in future, they need to understand stage management. We laughed our hearts out at the end the day. Comedy night was so hilarious and awesome.

It really was a GOOD day. 
Day 2 down..
Day 3 here we come…

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Camp Day One

The Set Stage


As campers arrive, we are good to go. We think right, talk right, and walk right. We have it in us. 
Being Ingenious...
Ingenuity is the ability to solve difficult problems while being ingenious is displaying genius or brilliance. You'll agree with me that our country, Nigeria needs a feel of brilliance in all aspect for growth. Nigeria and the world at large need geniuses to make life better.
We are really excited about this gathering of over 200 teenagers that are on their path to making a huge difference in their homes, communities, schools, states, country and the world at large. It's going to be an awesome 7 days.
Lots of excitement, eagerness and passion was seen in the eyes of the teenagers as well as their parents as they trooped in for this year's Activate Youth Camp and because we are encouraged to improve every passing year with the high rising parents’ and participants’ success stories from the previous camps, no doubt AYC 2018 is going to blow our minds.
The campground was already filled with parents and teenagers at about 2pm with all sorts of beautiful moments to behold.
It was so good to see old participants reunite and new attendees make new friends as well as feeling comfortable with the atmosphere today. And this year, we have the highest number of new attendees yet who are looking forward to having the best week of their lives.

The First Lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode was represented by the Chairperson of Yaba LCDA, Mrs. Omiyale who charged the participants to pay attention to all they will be taught during the camp meeting so they can leave better than they came and make an impact in their society.

Following that, we had our first Journey of Guided Learning where the boys and girls where separated
At the female session, the guest speaker, Mrs. Kemi Sowemimo enlightened the girls on ETIQUETTE. She told the girls to always GREET everybody they cross paths with, especially the elders. She mentioned saying PLEASE andTHANK YOU as part of practicing etiquette. 

She talked about giving up seats for adults which aroused different opinions from the girls on whether it is necessary or not but they concluded that GIVING UP SEATS for Elders is just the right thing to do.

The boys were not left out as Barr. Taiwo Akinlami spoke to them on SUNDRY MATTERS, making them realize that people see you before they hear you. He also admonished them to take their body health
seriously and be clean.
There will be lots of morning drills, skills acquisition, games and sports during the course of the week.
We are looking forward to all the great sessions that have been carefully planned to engage and impact the campers making them realize that they are all INGENIOUS and can make a difference.
This year, we are intentional about impacting our champions who we know will make a huge positive difference in Nigeria and in the world!
Welcome to AYC 2018... I AM INGENIOUS; I can make a difference.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Day 6

The day started with the drill session. It took a while to get ready for the day but we finally did and then proceed to eat a  sumptuous breakfast.

Breakout session was up next, we were divided into two groups, boys separately, girls separately. The campers discussed intimately with the mentors on issues bothering them as teenagers. Ideas were shared and feelings were bared.

We had another breakout session and this time the girls and boys were together.
Skills acquisition was next, we concluded our trainings in readiness for presentation at the Variety night.
Lunch was good.

On the Journey of Guided Learning, Mr Alex Goma, shedding light into our theme for this year, said,
* Nature has made us different. We all have different DNA and made different to meet the divergent needs of people.
* It's the quest for order in society that tries to condition us to become one.
* Divergent means being yourself with purpose. Life is about choices. We make better choices if we decide based on our purpose rather than our circumstances.
* It takes courage to find yourself and be the best you can be. Faith and knowledge conquer fear and build courage.
* Humility will help you manage success and tolerance daily.
* Build self control to manage your success and character.
* Persistence helps you to build resilience which is critical for sustained success.

Adventure as always was fun, each team was asked to search for treasures which had been hidden before. 
Sport session for AYC 2017 ended on a good note.

Dinner was delicious, we wish this camp wouldn't end. It was  a colourful Variety night with participants donning their traditional attires. There was an Exhibition for all the skills acquired in AYC 2017, prizes were also given. We had barbecue chicken and drinks while souvenirs from PAXO Pharmaceuticals was also distributed. Different games were played and as always, there was Music by AYC's very own DJ Xpressit..
It was a Divergent Party.

Friday, 4 August 2017


The day started with rain showers but it did nothing to dampen the camper's enthusiasm for the day's activities. 
Breakfast was filling and great!


Team meetings were so interactive, every camper wanted to participate in anticipation of the concert at night.
General session was heartfelt and thought- provoking. We had Rotimi Ogunyemi, Esq. in our midst. He shared with us how he was able to juggle being a Pastor with being a practising lawyer and being a web/program developer. He said amongst many other things that:

- “You need to gravitate towards people that will make you think and act better”
- “Your passion is just a potential. You need to add effort to the potential for it to become a skill…”
- “80% of success is showing up consistently and ON TIME”

The break-out sessions were totally captivating and impactful as always.

Skill acquisition continued with so much eagerness. The campers are really enjoying every moment of it as some of them had been given projects.









Lunch was good. We had in our midst, Deli foods, the manufacturers of Deli cabin biscuit, Deli coaster biscuit, igloo, vino amongst other edibles.

Adventure session was tasking as usual. The campers worked as a team and had fun playing the games.
Sport session was a mix of physical exercises that was tackled with so much energy by the campers.

After the dinner, we had the concert, it was an entertaining moment. There was display of amazing and awesome talents everywhere. The team representatives did their best as usual and we were all entertained by their song composition and rendition.
It was indeed a memorable night.

The camp is gradually coming to an end with our campers making new friends, learning skills and being equipped to be divergent. See you tomorrow!