Wednesday, 7 August 2019


As always, our flashlight was expository as campers shared lessons learned from yesterday. Adventure on the other hand centered around self discovery and self affirmation for positivity
facilitated by Rotimi Adeaga.
At general training, Ugochukwu  Ezeagwula CEO of Identita shared his personal story as an inspiration to campers. In this, he noted that your purpose is inexcusably tied to people. For you to
fulfill purpose, you have to impact people.

We had an expert driver today for the Journey of Guided Learning and we were steered calmly by Adenusi Patrick. In his remarks, he said “My name is Adenusi Patrick a retired 'molue' driver but today, that retired driver who at a point in Lagos ate twice a week and squatted in Lagos for 11years where i slept on a wooden chair is now an expert consultant appearing on TV and meeting with United Nations, Governors and Ministers."

Mr. Adenusi Patrick reminded us that no door is too difficult to knock only if we A.C.T (Action Changes Things).

Our campers entered into the intermediate level today at the skills sessions. The clothes sewn, shoes made, make-up done and small chops all took shape and photographer campers began to shoot photos on their own.

Following the skills session, we completed our movie from last night and shared reflections on real life impacts or manifestation.

The final act today was off-the-roof as campers could not contain their excitement for Drama Night with the arrival of Femi Jacobs; Award Winning Actor, Producer, Author and Speaker. Our teams were at their best before our judge and displayed creativity with their acts. Congratulations to team Amber for winning in the dance tonight.

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  1. When successful individuals act as role models and share their life stories with youths as a motivating factor to excel, it registers in the minds of the youth and propels for further self determination to excel. Well done AYC, pastor Ugochukwu, Mr Patrick and Femi Jacobs for leaving the campers with deep stuff to reflect on.