Wednesday, 2 August 2017


We started the day with some drills to warm up and keep fit, then we freshened up and had breakfast. 

Next in line were the team meetings, where the night’s dance competition was discussed extensively.
The general session was interactive and educative. Our facilitator, Champ Ruth Goma enlightened us on 'Thinking divergent'. She said and I quote, "The minute you stop thinking, you die". She further explained the five factions of thinkers..
*Abnegation* (the selfless people)
*Amity* (the peaceful people)
*Candor* (the honest people)
*Dauntless* (the brave people)
*Erudite* (the intelligent people)

The break out session was very interactive and productive. We just didn't want the sessions to end!
Skill acquisition continued from where we stopped the day before. The children are gradually getting better at their different skills. Lunch was good as usual.
We had another break out session, the boys were separated from the girls. The sessions allowed the campers to bare their minds to the mentors and facilitators on gender specific issues. It was really worth it.

Adventure session was tasking but trust the campers, they did justice to it.
The campers just couldn't wait for the sport session as they excitedly jumped up when it was time to go. Being so tired after sports, the children just couldn't wait to eat dinner and get ready for the dance performance/competition scheduled for tonight. 

All geared up for the dance night, the children rushed out in their different team colours ready to give their best. Trust me, the rush was worth it because the evening was really entertaining especially as the children knew that their parents were watching them live on Facebook and instagram. We had Segun and Nwando Lawal of the *Spirit Of David* in our midst to watch our dance steps as we enjoy ourselves. 

The day ended on a very good note as Nwando Lawal took the stage with an inspiring talk. Amongst the many life-changing things she said was “Being Divergent is not about what you do, but about who you are”. She did not leave without doing some scintillating dance steps that thrilled the campers. Day 3 down, Day 4 here we come.......see you all!

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