Monday, 24 July 2017

Countdown to the Divergent

It’s that time of the year again. We’re officially counting down to AYC 2017. We’ve had four amazing years with wonderful mentors and eager campers who have spent 7 days, each year, learning, growing and having fun. From “I Have It in Me” in 2013, to “Leadership Within” in 2014, to “The Awakening” in 2015, and “The courageous” in 2016. Now we’re getting ready for The Divergent! It’s AYC’s 5th year and it promises to be packed with lots of action. 
Like the theme states, being divergent means not being afraid to be who you are just because you’re different. Our campers, who are drawn from JSS1 to SS2 are at a stage in their lives where wrong and right can sometimes be confused and they can be looked down on for choosing to stand for what is right. This year at AYC, our campers are going to learn what it means to be truly divergent. They’ll learn to stand for what they believe in even when it’s tough and everyone else is saying otherwise. 
From the facilitators sessions, to the general sessions, to skills, sports and entertainment nights, AYC is packed with the best mentors and facilitators and the campers are sure to leave AYC with a clearer view of their lives. It’s going to be fun, exciting and enlightening. New friends will be made and new lessons learnt. This is AYC 2017!

Pereye Raine

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