Saturday, 30 July 2016


On the final day of AYC 2016, the campers and mentors converged at the dining hall to have breakfast at 8:30 am after which the convener, Mrs. Kikelomo Omooba, spoke to the former about the need to put into practice, all that they had learnt from their facilitators. She enjoined them to stick to what is right at all times and make a positive impact in the lives of others they come across with.
Mrs Kikelomo Omooba (Activate Youth Camp Convener)
The convener also admonished campers to ensure that the lifestyle they are living right now is in line with the future they desire. One of the facilitators, Mrs. Rotimi Adeaga, also advised them on the need to live the camp better people living a life driven by courage and hard work. She led them as they made a recap of some of the wonderful sessions they had benefited from in the course of the week as the listened to inspiring and motivational tips from their facilitators.
We also had Access Bank teach financial literacy to the campers as they prepare to leave
Campers from Ibadan

As the curtains pulled, you could feel the expression on their faces. One part telling you I am courageous now to face all challenges, the other looking at friends they would miss. One week had ended so soon, but the Champion in them has been ignited to be COURAGEOUS and will last a lifetime.
Curtains close.

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