Monday, 25 July 2016


Activities for Day two of AYC 2016 started at 5:30 am with the participants taken through an early morning drill as a way of instilling discipline in them and making them fit and healthy enough to go through the various activities for the week. This lasted for about 30 minutes before they were released to their hostels to take their bath and prepare for the day’s activity.
By 6:30am the campers were already assembled at the dining hall where they had breakfast and as a new development to this year, we had small groups of campers having personal motivation sessions.
During these sessions, campers expressed themselves very freely on issues relating to their aspirations in life, opinion on various occurrences in the society, challenges they face, and how they believe the status quo can be improved. For one of the campers Ayanteoluwa Emmanuel of team Emerald, she expressed a great desire to become a psychologist, and further noted: "it is wrong to judge certain people for the perceived wrongs they commit without considering their background or whatever experiences that may have influenced their actions."
Champ Rotimi Adeaga during the motivation sessions
Some also spoke of their rejection of some upcoming societal trends like gay marriage and child abuse in today’s world. They also suggested various ways by which these practices can be checked.
Following the personal motivation session, campers were assigned to their chosen skills programme with facilitators engaging them in discussions to know their level of exposure to their chosen skills and better train them.
After this, participants went into more intense sessions for their various skills which included: choreography, photography, Vaseline and soap making, hair making, among others. It was indeed a knowledge-filled first half of the day and they were all filled with excitement, expressing great interest in learning  and even surprising their facilitators by showing how determined and COURAGEOUS they are to succeed.
The break session doubled as sports session and everyone had enough adrenaline to do sports they love. The most notably was the chess class where the chess instructor highlighted the key to playing chess: “Know what move my opponent makes, why he made the move, how should I respond to his moves knowing the move i make may not be the best but should be the right move”
Temofe Ugbona on :Facing your fears"
Just when we thought we had enough, our guest speaker Temofe Ugbonna took them on a life transforming session on how to face their fears, conquer limitations and create a niche for themselves. His take home call to action, “stop taking others personal opinions as your own reality. Never stop trying… you fail the moment you stop.”
What better way to end today’s activities than seeing the movie “The Maze Runner” teaching about daring the impossible, breaking norms and finding a way through life’s difficulties, courageously.
You should see the look on everyone’s face, it tells of only two things; Impossible is nothing and everything is possible!
Lights out!!!

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