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Gaise at Activate Youth Camp 2016

On day 5 of AYC 2016, the campers woke up very early in the morning and were taken through physical training exercises before returning to their hostels to freshen up and prepare for other activities lined up for the day. The main highlight for the day was the music night.

Champ Rotimi Adeaga on "COURAGE"
Assembled at the dining hall by 6:30am, they had breakfast and celebrated with one of their colleagues, who marked his birthday. By 7:00am they all moved to the hall and listened to Rotimi Adeaga, who facilitated the general session. Rotimi told the campers that ‘courage is having the feeling of fear but still choosing to act’. She went on say, ‘In order to address your fear, ‘you must first acknowledge it’. ‘Do not let it control you, but acknowledge that it is there’, she said.
Buttressing her point, she made reference to a famous quote by Nobel Laureate and former President of South Africa, the Late Dr. Nelson Mandela, that “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”.
Activate Youth Camp breakout sessions
At the breakout sessions which followed suit, campers benefited from lots of exciting and inspiring presentations from their facilitators. ‘Your beliefs are like scripts which you unconsciously act everyday’, Izefua Ehia-Williams Erhabor informed the group of campers in her group, noting that they must begin to work on empowering their beliefs. Other facilitators including: (Name), told the campers that courage is a journey that they need to start now, paying little or no attention to discrimination of any kind that appears to be a hindrance to their goals.
The facilitators also stressed that life is a lot easier when one is not weighed down by negativity because it is your response to any situation that matters. Having the right attitudes and values as well as disciplining yourself in such a way that you can take things and face reality with calm is ideal.
Peer pressure must not stop us from being courageous to do the right things. You must know that criticisms will always come but never allow them discourage you. Be resilient and determined, not giving up easily.

July Celebrants at Activate Youth Camp
Campers later took part in different adventures sporting activities before having dinner. The evening of AYC day 5 saw the various teams of campers make musical presentations with popular gospel artist and producer, Gaise Baba on hand to guide them and make constructive criticism of their singing performance and reward a few of them with his musical CD. The session ended with Gaise Baba thrilling the audience with a wonderful presentation.
The audience sang a birthday song for all celebrants in the month of July and together they cut their birthday cake and celebrated with joy.

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