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"...all that changed when I joined Activate Youth Camp"
Before Activate Youth Camp, I was a mildly dull person who had no way of expressing herself. I would most times sit on my own in loneliness and just a bit afraid. But, all that changed when I joined Activate Youth Camp. I met new people; I met new friends and mostly learnt that although I am afraid, I don’t need that to stop me. I just need to be courageous.
One of the many facilitators I met was Mrs. Izefua who has been taking me and some of my friends for breakout courage classes. She would teach us about courage and what it entails. She taught us that courage is not outward but it is inward and it is from the heart. And that our values and beliefs affect who we are on the outside. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is facing our problems head on despite the fact that we are afraid.
Paul-Rotua Oluwatise
Sapphire Team
Dance Skill

"I can now face my biggest fears and never start being courageous" - Aseroma Britney
On the 29th of July 2016, my brother and I checked into the Activate Youth Camp at Igbobi College Yaba Lagos. At first I was frightened because of the number of people I saw. I sat down beside my fellow team members (Sapphire). It was actually my first time coming for AYC.
We ate lunch and had an interaction with Taiwo Akinlami afterward. Later on we were told to go to our various rooms. We were also told to wake up around 5:45am for morning drill.
During the course of the night, I found it hard to adapt to the situation. Being able to go to the fridge to get water around 0:00am in the morning or or going to the bathroom at 1:00am was not possible.
Aseroma Britney
The next morning was a whole lot of activities and I really enjoyed myself a lot. I met lots of new people including: Ayanfe, Adebola, Daniel, Osemu, Angel, Emmanuel, Ara and more of them.
I really learnt a lot in AYC with this year’s theme “THE COURAGEOUS”. Above everything I learnt, is that I should be able to face my biggest fears and never start being courageous no matter the repercautions, and I would recommend it to anyone who seeks to change in his/her life.
Aseroma Britney
Team Sapphire

"I just still can’t believe it’s free. AYC is great" - Alao Kofoworola

Hi, my name is Alao Kofoworola Omowonuola. I’m 15, I heard about Activate Youth Camp from my sister’s friend. When I heard of it, I was delighted to go and when I registered and got a message that I was selected, I was excited. When the day finally came, I didn’t know what to expect when I get there, I was furious and curious.
When I finally got there I was surprised that we were welcomed warmly and everyone seemed to be happy; that made me calm. On the first day of camp, our teacher talked to us about our fears and challenged us to face our fears. That day I thought about it and decided to fight my fears and I finally conquered one. I felt happy and free. Here in Activate Youth Camp, I have learnt a lot about how to associate with people.
Alao Kofoworola
I am so happy that the Champions Creed is now a part of me; I will think right, talk right and live right. And I was encouraged to know I am a Champion. I also learnt so much that, if I start to write them all out, I wouldn’t stop. Above all I learnt to be courageous.
I think AYC is a really great inspiring and educating camp, I wish it is more than one week, and if I have the opportunity to come again, I will come till I pass the age grade. If I grow up and get married and finally give birth and AYC is still on, I will make sure all my children come for AYC.
I just still can’t believe it’s free. AYC is great. I LOVE ACTIVATE YOUTH CAMP. THANK YOU PASTOR KIKELOMO
Alao Kofoworola Omowonnuola
Team: Emerald
Skill: Dance

"The people here made me realize that I am a champion" - Osode Deborah
This being my second time at AYC, I truly have had a great experience. From the adventures, down to the talks, it all has been awesome. To this effect, I have noticed a lot of changes about myself. I am more confident and courageous now than ever. Normally, I would never want to get up on stage, neither would I want to volunteer for anything but coming to this camp has inverted that. The people here made me realize that I am a champion.
When I would hide in the crowd or try to give up on something I already started because of death of faith or even fear, they would tell me NO! Champions don’t do that. Never stop trying!
Obode Deborah
My facilitator, Mrs. Nkechi Alli-Balogun told me something. She said ‘the fear of fear is what kills people’. It is totally absurd to let fear affect you. We also watched a movie, ‘The Maze Runner’ which teaches that as humans we would be afraid of something but despite the fear, we should always try and never give much attention to our fears.
The games and adventures have been really fun and extremely educating. For my skill, I chose hair making and I have learnt a lot from my teacher, Mr. Noble Pebble. Everything for me, is a turn on. I encourage anyone who has not been here to please come because it will truly transform your life. Now, I am aware, I have it in me.

Obode Deborah
Team: Ruby
Skill: Hair Making

"This might be my first time in AYC but it won’t be my last" - Ronald Dosunmu
The theme for this year was ‘Courageous’ and to be honest I have really gained a lot more understanding about the word ‘courage’ and it has really changed my life in so many ways. Despite waking up so early in the morning for early morning drills, and sleeping around 10:00pm, I really enjoyed so many other things like the sports, the breakout sessions and the food. 
It was really to inspire and encourage us to become successful people. This might be my first time in AYC but it won’t be my last. I enjoyed the AYC experience.
Ronald Dosunmu
Team: Amber
Skill: Graphics

"I have been motivated to face every situation with Courage" - Abiodun Princess
AYC, Activate Youth Camp!! Wow!! I have got a lot of things to say about this amazing camp, but to mention a few, I will say I have learnt a whole lot here.
The theme for this year ‘COURAGEOUS’ means a whole lot to me and it’s just what I needed for my day to day life. Learning that being courageous doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid but it means facing your fears and overcoming them. I have been motivated to face every situation with courage.
Abiodun Princess A.
Team: Ruby

"full packaged inspiring camp" - Adjete George
I arrived camp on Sunday and immediately I got my intern T-shirt and started work immediately. I got to be in charge of providing drinking water for the campers amongst other tasks, I attended classes at my leisure hour and I also took part in the sports activities.
Adjete George
I got familiar with the campers as well as other full and intern-mentors. I also enjoyed all the learning activities on camp such as inspiring classes from Champ Ruth Goma amongst other facilitators, sessions after sessions were all inspiring even during the dance night. I was inspired by Mr. Segun Lawal, our dance facilitator.
Altogether Camp Activate is a full packaged inspiring camp you don’t want to miss. Why do I have a feeling that the person reading this is already making plans for the next edition, if my feelings are correct then fear not for the form will be out soon! Hope to see you soon.
Yours in love
President George A.E. <GCFR to be>

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