Wednesday, 27 July 2016


The fourth day of AYC 2016 started with the campers being engaged in physical fitness exercises. At 7:00am they all assembled at the dining hall to have breakfast and then broke out for their team meetings to rehearse for tonight's drama performances.

Barrister Rotimi Ogunyemi was on hand to facilitate the general session on the topic Courage in difficulties: the story of the Hudson river plane crash" informed the campers that the true test of courage will only be determined in times of crisis using a short video documentary on the crash.
He ended on the note that "When life hits you with unexpected scenarios, do not panic but STAY CALM! Being courageous starts from the inside and displays on the outside showing that its not only about value to yourself but also to others.

During breakout motivational sessions, Mrs Izefua encouraged her team using "LEADD: Learning, Engagement, Acceptance, Decision and Doing" Mrs Foluke Ayoola taught her group the attributes of courageous people:

  1. Courageous people believe the unbelievable
  2. They must be patient
  3. Have the courage to say "NO"
  4. Do the right thing even when its not common
  5. Show genuine emotions
  6. Have the courage to forgive
During skills, it was amazing to see how well and far the campers had learned. The soap making class made soaps today, hair making fixed some new hairstyles, and the graphics class designed popular logos for the first time.

For the evening session, we began with ‘Journey of Guided Learning’ facilitated by Lampe Omoyele, ta brand builder and coach. He engaged everyone on "Purpose. Vision. Purpose." He hared his personal values as "Integrity, faithfulness and respect". He rounded up by noting "Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it; Right is right even when only you is doing it."

Various sporting activities were held later and in the evening the four teams made drama presentations depicting telling stories on how being courageous when confronted with challenges can yield great results if against all odds we go for our goals.

Tonight ended on a high for everyone as there were no winners or losers, only courageous people who dared the stage and told us impactful stories through drama.

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