Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Day three started normal with our morning drills, and there was no way we could predict that by lights out, it would have been an extraordinary experience. But then, this is what courageous champions are made of.

With friends for life to make, impact to create and future global leaders to nurture, Activate Youth Camp is just getting started; day three (3) was set rolling. Champ Ruth Goma did a recap of day two’s  movie and champions shared what they learnt from the movie – The Maze Runner. She highlighted that “Life is about choices, do you want to be courageous or do you want to fear… When in your difficult circumstance, courage must rise by you identifying your fears and facing it”. She rounded by charging campers to make a decision to be courageous and not allowing fear to dictate their future.

The breakout motivational sessions were life changing. Our facilitators had words of wisdom and calls to action on varieties of topic from financial management to etiquette, from spiritual development to personal development. The skills class keyed into the momentum and accelerated. The expression and dedication on the campers were immeasurable as they learn new skills that will empower them personally and economically.

The moments that glowed as stars in the night was the dance competition. We had award-winning Mr Segun Lawal, an internationally recognized dance trainer from the Spirit of David Dance Group as our judge as teams exhibited their dance skills.

Before leaving, he noted, “dance is not just movements, its worship and a display of courage against your fears as exhibited by King David” - now that is a new way to being courageous.

In case you missed our previous days, catch up here from the Theme and Arrivals video

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